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Feels good to be out amongst the living again. I probably should have stolen the reigns yesterday. Dy was over it after two days and pretty much phoning it in. Our partner thought it was my day anyway. Not entirely sure what to get into today. Thinking about picking up the City Texture Pack for Minecraft because Bio suggested it might have computers and things. I might do that. We and they have been doing a lot of building together in creative mode. They want each of us to build something in the world while we're out for the month. Dy built a temple to himself. >_< He also built a little glass and fire house that looks cool while Bio was building an ice fortress. I'm not sure what I would build. I think that's why Bio suggested the City Pack.

Right now, thiugh, I'm going to need a shower to feel entirely human. I'm feeling pretty present and not quasi-dissociative like last month, so that's good. Maybe it was just a fluke or had to do with whatever pain we were in.
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I may have encouraged the Dy temple by laughing hysterically at it. :D You're welcome.